So! With the great goldfish rescue of 2014 by scalestails , I am sending them a buuunch of aquarium stuff! I need some monies to express ship the box!! I am doing $15 commissions like this!
I can also draw your pets!

Please email me at!

Commission a great artist for a good cause! If you want to help this is your chance.






You guys!! I sold the white clouds that were the sole inhabitants of this tank BEFORE my week long vacation that ended today. I walk into work and LITTLE TINY THINGS GAH. Luckily there is some infusoria in the tank so that’s what they’ve been eating so far. Today I gave them some fish flakes crushed into powder and it gave them dome trouble. They are SERIOUSLY TINY FISH. I would start an infusoria colony but that would take a week+ and I think they’d be too big to eat it by the time it was ready??? So I’m looking into other foods. Maybe egg yolk.

Hikari does a “first bites” which is what I was feeding my gourami bab when I saw it.

I store used some! They were able to eat it perfectly fine, thank goodness. Now I just have to do veeeeeery careful water changes haha.

WalMarts in Canada don't sell fish anymore which I think is a blessing to all fish... wonder why American WalMarts didn't do the same?

I think, after some time to mull it over, that they do NOT care if the fish live/die. If they sell a fish, any fish even a cheap one, they can get ~$20 out of someone for the bowl/food/shit. So it’s not so much about selling fish as it is about selling fish supplies to go with it.


They are literally sending me a TON of very useful supplies (filters/heaters/stress coat) and JUST OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF THEIR HEART YOU GUUUUUUUYS THIS IS AMAZING

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Feed the dead to the lotol

It’s kind of funny how many people think I have an axolotl! I’ve only posted them a handful of times, and it’s usually been mommarowen's lotl Sir Lancelotl! I'm afraid I do not own one, as cool as they are.

Also of note, goldfish are not acceptable feeder fish for any amphibian or reptile as they contain thiamanase, which blocks the absorption of vitamin B in both reptiles and amphibians.

You are currently my favourite person. I hope all the goldfish make it and I hope you have wonderful days for the rest of your life.


Like really, this is an unbelievable compliment. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me, and I recognize your username from my activity! You’re awesome!

Another example as for why Walmart sucks.


You're wonderful for rescuing the fish

Thank you for the kind words! Like I said though it was not a solo act! my fiances mom deserves just as much love for the rescue. :D

You guys are the best.

Omg I love your blog so much. I LOVE fish and reptiles. Also I'm not really sure how I came across your blog but I'm glad I did. I really enjoy seeing your posts on my dash (:

Aw that makes me very happy! I’m so glad you like my blog. Thank you for following me!!

How many pets do you have now? Can you show and name all of them for us?

Oh god I just updated my list of pets, which is now tagged “my pets master post”.

My list is here, complete with names and links to pictures! And if you count my hissing cockroach colony and snail colony as one pet, I have 86 oh my god. It’s mostly from the new rescue goldfish. If you count those as one entity I have 37. Which is still a lot.


So while I was at work my fiance and his mom got bins! One is 30 gallons and the other is 15. However, they could not be filled all the way so the big one is 20 gallons and the small one is 10.

I have not had any casualties since I took them out of the bag! So that’s very nice. There are 31 fish in the big bin and 20 fish in the small one. So that is 51 goldfish! Christ.

So to explain the first two pictures, that is how cloudy the water got in LESS THAN A DAY. I fed them pre-soaked pellets while I set up the bins so I just threw a ton of food in- and they ate! Even most of the lethargic ones ate!! So that made me super happy. But the pictures also give you an idea of how incredibly sick they are. They look dead. I swear none of the fish in that picture are dead. A handful are swimming, albeit incredibly clamped/lethargic. Most sit on the bottom breathing hard.

SO I rummaged around and found that I had a spare filter-sweet- and set it up on the small bin. Gave it a pre-filter sponge so as not to suck up any of the more lethargic fish, and used filter media from existing tanks. So that will help a bit.

The other one has no filter at the moment, so I’ll be doing huge water changes (though honestly I’ll be doing huge water changes ANYWAY) until I figure something out. I bought some new air stones, food, and aquarium salt. So right now they’re in clean salted water.

You should see the difference now that they’re in the bins! Much more movement from everybody, it’s fantastic. Tomorrow I will start treating them for the obvious internal parasites (extremely thin, lethargic, occasional twitching, though clearly have appetites) with meds I had leftover. Thank god I hoard supplies! I just don’t want to stress them more than they need to be by treating them right now.

So yeah, that’s how the fish are doing. I’m going to start tagging these “great goldfish rescue 2014” for anyone who wants to follow or block it! I’ll go back and tag the old posts that as well.

do you know much about dogs?

I know a fair amount, yes! I have a basic grasp of dog behavior, diet, and I damn well should know about their captive care seeing as how I’ve had a dog in my life since I was like 5.

However, there are still some things I do not know! But if you have a question feel free to send it to my ask blog, so it doesn’t “clog” this one!

If you set up a go fund me I will donate what I can.

I have considered this, but I have a really hard time accepting donations. I don’t know if it’s some kind of ego thing, but I’m not a legal rescue- I’m just a person who tries to help when I can (much to the dismay of everyone who lives with me haha!).

I don’t take in animals that I cannot afford to care for. These guys are temporary residents, and I have the means to care for them for the time being.

HOWEVER if things get hairy, like any unforeseen vet bills or something, I know there is an AMAZING community of animal lovers on the internet who would be willing to help me. And that thought, the thought that there are people like you out there willing to donate is just… bringing tears to my eyes.

You guys, the people on tumblr, are just amazing. I want you all to know that!

You're a good person.


I believe in your ability to raise them back to health! I wish you all the luck, the poor babies.

Thank you so much! Your thoughts seem to be helping. They’ve perked up a bit since earlier today!